About Tower Junkies

Tower Junkies is a podcast devoted to The Dark Tower series by Stephen King. We discuss the themes, characters, and mythology of the series in “palaver” episodes and review the books and comic series in “khef” episodes. We also discuss non-Tower King novels, TV and film adaptations of King’s work, and the latest news about potential Dark Tower related adaptations and merchandise. Presented by ObsessiveViewer.com.

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Episode Categories

  • Palaver – General Dark Tower/Stephen King Discussions
  • Khef – Dark Tower Book and Comics Discussions
  • Black Thirteen – Tower Related Stephen King Book Reviews
  • Maerlyn’s Grapefruit – Non-Tower Stephen King Book Reviews
  • Todash – Stephen King TV and Film Adaptation Reviews
  • Doorway Cave – Dark Tower TV and Film Adaptation News/Reviews